Notice of Concern

Members of Glacier Springs can use this form to notify the Board of Directors about a concern in the community. Click here to access the form. The Board of Directors follows this policy when they receive a notice of concern form from a Glacier Springs property owner.

All correspondence and dues payments??may be??mailed??to:

PO Box 126
Maple Falls, WA 98266

Glacier Springs Property Owners Association – Board of Directors

Name E-mail Phone
Carmella Bauman–President (360) 599-2376
Rick Benson–Water Committee (206) 550-2270
Diana Clinch–Secretary ??(801) 913-9579
Jim Klessig–Water Committee (360) 599-9594
Csaba Mundi–Zoning Committee (360) 303-2887
Doris Roosma–Treasurer (360) 599-3075
Kevin Roosma–Zoning Committee (360) 599-1386
Julia Morrison–Community Relations Committee (778) 822-6565 (Canada)
(Including Title Company Inquiries)