When developing property in Glacier Springs, property owners must follow the below process.

  • Written approval from the GSPOA Architectural, Planning and Zoning Committee (Zoning Committee) must be obtained prior to commencing any clearing, construction and/or work on any building, permanent structure (including septic tanks), temporary structure, or fence. The approval process is outlined below.
  • All construction must conform to Whatcom County building regulations and requirements as well as the requirements of the Zoning Committee as outlined in Article II of the GSPOA Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and in the Constitution and By-laws of the GSPOA. The Zoning Committee has the responsibility of ensuring the best use and the most appropriate development of the building sites within Glacier Springs.
    Click here to view the bylaws.
  • After initiating the Zoning Committee approval process, you may then contact the Board’s Water Committee to obtain a signed Water Availability Form, a requirement of the Whatcom County Planning and Development office when you submit your permit application. Actual connection to the GSPOA water system can occur only after completing the Zoning Committee approval process and after applying for a water connection and paying the GSPOA Water Connection Fee ($3,000). The Water Connection Application Form is by clicking here.
  • Then, after the appropriate Whatcom County permits are obtained, clearing and/or construction may begin. Copies of all permits (Building, Septic, Land Disturbance, etc.) should be given to the Zoning Committee after you obtain them. All exterior construction and suitable exterior finish work or paint must be completed within six (6) months of commencing construction.

    Zoning Committee Approval Process

    1. Complete the Construction Approval Application form and submit it and all required information to the Zoning Committee c/o GSPOA P.O. Box 126, Glacier, WA 98266;
      (360) 599-1386; info@glaciersprings.org
    2. After reviewing the submitted plans and information, a member of the Zoning Committee will arrange to do a walk-through of the lot with you to clarify any outstanding issues. The Walk-through Checklist will familiarize you with what will occur.
    3. Once the building/site plans have been received and approved and the site walk-through has been satisfactorily completed, the Zoning Committee will provide the written approval necessary to proceed. All exterior construction and suitable exterior finish work or paint must be completed within six (6) months of when clearing of your lot begins.

    Links to Forms

    Links to Zoning Committee Policies

    Canyon Creek Hazard Study

    Whatcom County retained Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL) Associates of Vancouver BC to perform a comprehensive risk analysis and hazard mapping of the Canyon Creek area. The final report by KWL has been completed and has been approved by the Whatcom County River and Flood Division. This report represents the most complete summary document of all the geotech work done in the 1990s and reflects the work related to the Canyon Creek Alluvial Fan, which falls under the umbrella of the county’s Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO).

    This study is available for property owners planning to construct new residences and should be provided to their engineers. The report contains information that will be useful in working through the County’s permitting process.

    For the KWL report (in PDF format), please click here.

    The “Canyon Creek Debris Flood Hazard Zones” are mapped in Figure 3-2, page 51.
    You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file. You can get it here.

    KWL Associates has issued appendices to the geohazard report. This file is in PDF format. You may view the KWL Appendices here.

    For a link to Whatcom County’s CAO map of our area, please click here.
    (please note you may need to scroll down and enlarge the map to see the Glacier Springs detail).