Glacier Springs Property Owners Association – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is general information about the administrative and operational aspects of the Glacier Springs community. If you have further questions, please contact us.


Q: How much are the dues at Glacier Springs?

A: Annual dues are $180 per lot and cover the calendar year. Invoices for dues are sent to each property owner in January. They are due March 31. Contact to confirm any account balances or request a copy of dues invoices.

Building Process

Q: I am a property owner and want to build on my lot. What do I need to do?

A: First, contact Whatcom County Department of Planning and Development, (360) 676-6907. Have your tax parcel number handy. Second, contact the Glacier Springs Zoning Committee (refer to Building Process). Third, request a water availability permit and water connection application from the water system manager (refer to Water System).

Water Dues

Q: How much are the water dues?

A: Glacier Springs maintains our own water system and the maintenance of this system is included in the annual dues. Effective 8/09/14, a $3,000 “Water Connection Fee” will be assessed as part of the building process. Click here for more information about the water system.

Contact Information

Q: I’m a new property owner. Whom do I contact to make sure you have my mailing address?

A: The title company usually contacts the Glacier Springs treasurer with new contact information when a property changes ownership. However, to assure we have the most current information, please email your information to the GSPOA treasurer (refer to Board of Directors for contact information). Also, be sure to check out our Information for New Property Owners page, which has useful information for GSPOA members, new and not-so-new alike!

Garbage Service

Q: Whom do I contact about garbage and/or recycling pick up service?

A: Sanitary Service, (360) 398-2025


Q: Whom do I contact regarding new utility services?

A: Phone and internet – Ziply Fiber, (866) 699-4759
Electricity – Puget Sound Energy, (888) 225-5773; outside of Washington state, (425) 452-1234
Propane – Whatcom Farmer’s Co-op, (360) 354-4595
Water – Glacier Springs water system manager

Neighborhood Concerns

Q: What should I do if I have a concern or complaint against another property?

A: Members of Glacier Springs can use this form to notify the Board of Directors about a concern in the community. Click here to access the form. The Board of Directors follows this policy when they receive a notice of concern form from a Glacier Springs property owner.