Glacier Springs Property Owners' Association

The community of Glacier Springs is nestled in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains. Located approximately thirty miles east of Bellingham, Washington, we enjoy of the beauty of the surrounding mountains and nearby rivers and creeks. Glacier Springs Property Owners Association (GSPOA) is a non-profit homeowners association responsible for the administration of the community. This web site contains current information for the benefit of our membership and others interested in our community.

Water Update for Wednesday 5/10

Hello everyone! We’re back to a bit of better news these past two weeks – The most recent sampling results were submitted. All 9 of these results are clean, as were the 8 testing locations last week. The main thing that has changed between this round of 9 samples and the previous round of 8 samples on 4/28 (that all had trace coliform hits) is that the weather had improved and the area around the spring boxes had begun to dry out. This further supports our assessment that the bacteriological hits are most likely coming from surface water contaminating the spring boxes near the spring source.

That said, the go-forward plan is still the same. The association and its contractors are still waiting for things to dry up enough to get started on the spring box maintenance project. We’re super hopeful that the upcoming stretch of good weather will finally allow the remediation work to be competed.

Water Update – Friday 4/28/2023

Hello, everyone –

Unfortunately not the news I was hoping to be able to share today – after several weeks of clean test results, the results which just came back from the lab showed the presence of coliform again (negative for E Coli, however, which is good). The working theory is still re-sealing of the spring boxes up at the source, but as the road to the source is still soggy, (and therefore the contractor cannot get the heavy equipment up there yet) that work has not yet been completed. I’ll be connecting again later today with our water operator for an update or any estimates they may be able to provide, but at this point, unfortunately, we are not able to recommend lifting the boil-water advisory.

Thank you, again, for your continued patience.

Water Update – Wednesday 4/5/2023

Hi, everyone – a brief update (most will, I hope, be brief from here on out!). Per Health Department recommendations, we continue to test weekly at this time, and those results continue to come back clean. We hope to get the final mitigation work completed week after next. At that point, and again assuming we continue to have good test results, we’ll be able to lift the boil water guidance, and them move to monthly testing for the ensuing three months. We continue to appreciate your patience, and I’ll update again as soon as I have more information to share. In the meantime – and because it’s mostly a wait-and-see situation for now, please assume that “no news is good news.”

Water Update for Tuesday, March 21

Hello, everyone – The cleaning and sanitization were completed this weekend. The system was flushed yesterday (thank you, Jim Klessig!), and investigative samples were taken in 8 locations around the system – 3 up at the tanks/spring, and 5 throughout the rest of the community. We will have the results of those tests back tomorrow (Wednesday). If all of those come back clean, we’ll submit additional samples (called “compliance” samples) tomorrow. These compliance sample results would be reported to the DOH (hence the name – they validate to the DOH that our system is in compliance).

Also, I know that a few folks have asked about sources of the contamination, as well as what is being done to ensure we don’t have the issue recur. I have not yet responded to those inquiries because 1) things have been relatively speculative as we’ve gone along, and I didn’t want to provide information/theories which might later be disproven, and 2) because it’s challenging to respond to each inquiry individually as well as try to keep the community informed. Rest assured that the board will provide a written summary of the timeline, steps taken to determine the source and remediate, as well as additional work which will be done to ensure the issue does not happen again.

I’ll update again tomorrow once we have the investigative sample results, and assuming things go to plan, again on Thursday after compliance test results come back as well.

Water Update – Saturday, March 18

Hi, everyone – confirming that the tank cleaning was completed yesterday (Friday) and that the subsequent – and hopefully last – sanitization was applied today. You may notice a slight chlorine smell in water as you run it, but the levels are not harmful. That said, you may wish to run your water a bit if it’s at all bothersome. We’ll test again, and will let you all know the results as soon as we have them. Thank you!

Water System Update for Wed 3/15

Hello again – apologies for the lack of an update – unfortunately it’s been wait-and-see with the weather. We’re finally confirmed for the tank cleaning on Friday. Once that’s complete, we’ll have (hopefully!) one more round of testing to ensure things are at long last clean once again.


Water System Update for Wednesday 3/8

Hello, all – this will be a relatively short one – Unfortunately, the snow has not melted as quickly as we’d hoped so the tank cleaning has still not happened. Our next estimate is this Friday, or possibly as late as Monday, weather-dependent. Again, I want to assure everyone that our water team and contractors are working as quickly as they are able. I know it is frustrating to still be under the boil-water notice, but I am hopeful we are nearing its end. We continue to appreciate your patience.

Water Update 3/4/2023

The update for today is that the contractor did come out to Glacier Springs on Wednesday afternoon as planned to scope the project. They will do the cleaning work on the tanks as soon as they are able. The current issue is the snow – they can’t get their equipment/work vehicle up the hill to the tanks at the moment. The weather/temperature looks to improve as we move through the weekend and into the first part of next week, so they’re thinking maybe Monday/Tuesday, again depending on Mother Nature. Both tanks will clean both inside and out, and then apply the (hopefully, final) system disinfection at that same time.

Water System Update – Tuesday, 2/28

Hello, everyone –

The good news is that the second round of test results have been received, and again, we are negative for E Coli. The slightly less good news is that we still have trace amounts of coliform in one of the two storage tanks. This means that we are unable to safely lift the boil water notice at this time. The next – and hopefully final – steps are to have the tanks themselves cleaned inside and out, followed by one final round of system disinfection. We contacted a contractor today to get the tank cleanup work completed; they will be out tomorrow to scope the work and provide a timeline for its completion. We will of course continue to keep you all informed as these final remediation steps are completed.

Glacier Springs Water Update – Thurs 2/23/2023

As most owners know, we have been under a boil-water order since last Friday, February 16, due to a positive test result for E Coli and cloriform in the system. In addition to email and our Facebook group, we are also providing updates here on our public website page. We have made every effort possible to reach all owners and users of GS water via online updates, email, and door-hanger notices at homes in the community. If you have still been missed, we encourage you to provide your email address, along with your name and Glacier Springs street address (for verification purposes) to to ensure you are included on future emergency communications. 

Water System Update:

I just spoke with our water operator about some test results we just received. Tests were taken in 5 locations around the system after the cleaning work done on Monday. All were negative for E Coli, and only one location was positive for coliform. While this is a big improvement, we continue to work on maintenance and cleaning of the system to remediate that positive coliform result. Per DOH guidelines we need two consecutive negative (clean) test results to remove the boil-water order. To that end:

  • One more sample was submitted today to the lab/DOH for verification we are clean of E Coli.
  • Additional tests will be taken tomorrow (Friday) in 8 testing locations; we would expect to have those results back on Monday from the lab.
  • If those tests all come back negative, that would be our second all clear; so, we would be able to lift the boil order early next week.

Again, thanks for your patience – this has been trying for all of us. On behalf of the board, I’d like to express my appreciation to those who have been working on the issue since last week, and to those community members who volunteered so quickly to distribute door hangers on Monday, as well as those who have shared information with others by word of mouth. Every little bit helps!

Jeff Sabado
President, Glacier Springs Property Owners’ Association