Water Update for 7/26, and a Reminder About Trash and Bears/Wildlife

Hi, everyone – it’s been a few weeks since our last update, so I wanted to provide one. We’re still in a holding pattern at this point, awaiting completed designs from our engineer. The target date for completion is the end of this month, at which point we’ll schedule the informational meeting we’d talked about back in June. Next steps would then include a review meeting with the DOH to get their approval on our remediation plan. Our goal is still to have at least preliminary remediation work done at the spring collection point before the rains return this fall.

In terms of current status/water quality, we have moved from weekly testing to bi-weekly. We did get test results showing unsatisfactory trace results for coliform in two locations yesterday (at Olson Dr and Miller Way). Again, with the recent rains, this somewhat aligns with the pattern that has developed since February. Due to the hit-and-miss pattern, the DOH guidance is still to keep the boil water advisory in effect.

Lastly, a reminder about the bear which has been in our community and others nearby, tipping over trash bins and scattering garbage about. The Association has no covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) pertaining to trash and recycling, so guidelines regarding timing of putting trash bins out at the road as well as returning them to the property is governed by Whatcom County and not by the Association. Whatcom County residents and businesses must manage their garbage so that it does not become a nuisance. This includes keeping garbage contained in a solid, waterproof container with a tight-fitting lid to prevent wind or animals from scattering it.

Again, while the POA is not directly responsible for individual owner’s trash bins, we are committed to fostering a sense of community responsibility. In light of recent bear encounters that have resulted in trash being strewn about, we want to emphasize to all homeowners the importance of properly securing their trash bins to mitigate the risk of attracting wildlife and preventing unwanted incidents. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate those full-time owners who have stopped to help their neighbors by cleaning up the mess when they see it – but at the same time, we recognize that doing so over and over again gets tiresome, and ultimately shouldn’t be the responsibility of others. In the spirit of maintaining a clean, supportive, and collegial community, we would like to remind all homeowners of the following steps to ensure responsible waste management:

• Secure Trash Bins: Please ensure that trash bins are securely fastened and not easily accessible to wildlife. You may wish to contact SSC to inquire about the availability of bear-proof bins.
• Timely Disposal: Dispose of trash on the designated collection days and avoid leaving trash bins out overnight to minimize wildlife attraction. For those who are not full-time residents, consider coordinating with a neighbor to put your bins out and return them from the street in a timely manner, or for the time being, you might consider packing trash and recycling out with you at the end of your visits until the bear moves on.
• For folks who have short-term rentals, ensure your renters are aware of the recent bear issues and encourage them to properly secure trash when they leave.
• Report Bear Encounters: If homeowners encounter bears or any other wildlife within the community, please report the incident to the appropriate local authorities or animal control agencies promptly.

Thanks, everyone – we’ll be in touch again soon.

Jeff Sabado
President, Glacier Spring Property Owners’ Association