Water Update for June 26

Dear Members,
A quick update on our water system. The board is working hard on multiple fronts to help address our community’s water systems issues. As many of you know from your own experience building and maintaining your properties in Glacier Springs, it is often difficult to get contractors out to our area, and that is equally true when dealing with specialized/niche services like water systems and engineering firms. But here is brief update on our progress:

• We have spoken to several engineering firms who have been helpful in guiding our future direction. Some firms have expressed their willingness to help; others have referred us to other firms. We are exploring all/any vendor options, but the list of qualified firms is very small.
• We’ve had productive briefing with the firm that helped with our 2007 water main and tank replacement project. The firm principal is quite familiar with our system, and we are coordinating a site visit within the next two weeks.
• We have another firm that also expressed a willingness to help and has come highly recommended from multiple sources.
• We have a contractor that we’ve spoken to for some short-term remediation efforts designed to provide greater seals to our spring tanks and increase areas for ground-water run-off near the tanks. We need to confirm these measures are advisable with the water system engineering firm, as well as a geological engineering firm since it will include moving earth from around the spring source. All of this work will be coordinated with the Department of Health as well.
• All firms have urged us to exercise patience and recognize that whatever solutions we move forward with, it will likely take time to have the work engineered, permitted, and constructed. Timelines will be drawn once plans are set.
• While it is too soon to make the determination whether any treatment system is necessary, we are exploring all options including chemical and UV systems.

Community Meeting
• Our intention remains to have a community meeting as soon as we have completed at least one engineering site visit and have a recommendation from an engineering firm.

Recent Testing
• We continue to test the water system bi-weekly. After the rains four weeks ago, we had a very minor detection of coliform in one of the eight testing locations. Otherwise, the tests have been clean.
• The boil water advisory remains in effect per DOH guidance.

We appreciate everyone’s patience. Like you, the board and volunteers on our water task force are homeowners and working diligently to get this solved as quickly as possible. We are committed to the long-term health of our residents and our water system.