Update to Water System Operating Status from DoH

Dear Glacier Springs and Glacier Green property owners,

We are writing with an update on our water system.

The Washington State Department of Health (DoH) recently downgraded our water system operating permit from “green” to “blue,” which, unfortunately, means no new water connections can be approved at this time. Anyone planning to connect to our water system, such as property owners with undeveloped lots without existing water hook-ups, will not be able to until we resolve our water issues.

The blue designation means that our system is “substantially in compliance” except that it does not meet design approval or has exceeded the number of approved connections, according to the DoH. Placement in this category means the system is adequate for existing uses, but not adequate for growth, i.e., adding more users. For more information, see the DOH website.

Please note that our boil water advisory is still in effect, and we continue to work diligently with our partners to repair the existing spring box source and investigate other water sources that won’t affect our water rights.

We recognize that this news is disappointing and frustrating, to say the least, for those in our community who will have to delay plans to build homes on their lots. Please be assured that the board is working as diligently and quickly as we can to repair the spring boxes that were damaged last year and explore alternate water sources and treatment options, as well as financing possibilities.

For the most up-to-date, accurate information on the water system, please refer to the GSPOA website https://glaciersprings.org/news/. Since not all property owners use or have access to social media, we will post to the website and send the same information through email.

Thank you.