Water Update for Tuesday, March 21

Hello, everyone – The cleaning and sanitization were completed this weekend. The system was flushed yesterday (thank you, Jim Klessig!), and investigative samples were taken in 8 locations around the system – 3 up at the tanks/spring, and 5 throughout the rest of the community. We will have the results of those tests back tomorrow (Wednesday). If all of those come back clean, we’ll submit additional samples (called “compliance” samples) tomorrow. These compliance sample results would be reported to the DOH (hence the name – they validate to the DOH that our system is in compliance).

Also, I know that a few folks have asked about sources of the contamination, as well as what is being done to ensure we don’t have the issue recur. I have not yet responded to those inquiries because 1) things have been relatively speculative as we’ve gone along, and I didn’t want to provide information/theories which might later be disproven, and 2) because it’s challenging to respond to each inquiry individually as well as try to keep the community informed. Rest assured that the board will provide a written summary of the timeline, steps taken to determine the source and remediate, as well as additional work which will be done to ensure the issue does not happen again.

I’ll update again tomorrow once we have the investigative sample results, and assuming things go to plan, again on Thursday after compliance test results come back as well.