Water System Update – May 24, 2023

Hello everyone –

First off – not a lot of change in the past two weeks in terms of test results; now that things have stayed drier, we have continued to have clean test results. The boil water advisory is still in effect, however, per the DOH.

Second, and more importantly, an update on our remediation efforts:

Two representatives from the DOH were up last Wednesday for a site visit to the storage tanks and the spring boxes at the source. This visit has been planned since we had our first unsatisfactory test result – not due to any recent changes. On the whole, DOH has been very complimentary of our handling of the situation so far, but the visit did result in recommendations that were unexpected.

The DOH recommended we redesign and replace the spring boxes at the source and also implement a plan for water treatment. This would mean installation of either a UV or chemical/chlorine treatment system. They had concerns that our system, as designed nearly 50 years ago, would not be approved under today’s standards. They also felt that our current plan for remediation work would be insufficient to solve the issue long-term. For these reasons, we elected to put the originally-planned work at the source on hold.

The Board has formed a task force to respond immediately. We are working with our water operator and the Department of Health, and have reached out to contractors to identify water system engineers who might review DOH’s recommendations, review the current system, and suggest solutions. The board’s task force will meet weekly to advance this work.

Once preliminary information is collected, we will call a special meeting of the Association. This meeting will be scheduled as soon as we can confirm that we’ll have at least one engineering firm’s review of the system. This will give all of you the chance to hear about the challenges, proposed remedies, and costs, and hear the Board’s recommendations for next steps. Whatever course of action we take, it is extremely likely the membership will need to approve.

I realize this is not the news we were hoping for, but the health of the system and of our community is the top priority. Additionally, it is important that we solve the current water challenges for the long term. This infrastructure is the most important asset of our community, and we treating this with the highest care.

Please be on the lookout for more information soon.