Water Update for Wednesday 5/10

Hello everyone! We’re back to a bit of better news these past two weeks – The most recent sampling results were submitted. All 9 of these results are clean, as were the 8 testing locations last week. The main thing that has changed between this round of 9 samples and the previous round of 8 samples on 4/28 (that all had trace coliform hits) is that the weather had improved and the area around the spring boxes had begun to dry out. This further supports our assessment that the bacteriological hits are most likely coming from surface water contaminating the spring boxes near the spring source.

That said, the go-forward plan is still the same. The association and its contractors are still waiting for things to dry up enough to get started on the spring box maintenance project. We’re super hopeful that the upcoming stretch of good weather will finally allow the remediation work to be competed.